Heirloom Heritage

Have you ever had the honour of witnessing a dream of yours lifted from the depths of your subconscious and transformed into reality? I had the immense joy and opportunity to witness such a phenomenon in my recent collaboration with Stef Walker. She and I have known one another (virtually) since high school -- we are both avid Evanescence fans, possess red hair, and love cats. Alas, we’ve not yet had the opportunity to meet in person but over the past couple of months, we have met to brainstorm, ideate, craft, draft, and revise. 

Toxic Relationships: Story Behind the Poem

“Toxic Relationships” was recently published with Persephone’s Daughters. This poem was born out of a desperation to recognize the repetition of toxicity in a series of relationships. I had just left yet another abusive relationship but found myself alas in yet another abusive situation (though I was only beginning to recognize and admit it to myself then).