Departing 2019

Unwanted hands grappling - (Trigger warning: assault)

Merry in Munnar: One of the Best Days in My Life

     Yesterday evening in the hostel in mountainous Munnar, as I lounged to read Anuradha Roy’s “all the lives we never lived,” I heard an accented speech in Chinese. I looked up and saw a blonde woman. Curious, waiting for her to finish the 60 second sound clip on We Chat, I tugged my … Continue reading Merry in Munnar: One of the Best Days in My Life

International Resources: Scholarship & Fellowship Opportunities

This post primarily serves as a reference opportunity for those seeking financial aid for school, studying abroad, and other budget-friendly travel opportunities. While this originally started out as a Google doc, I've shared the gDoc more than 200 times and opening/changing the settings so many times has inspired me to create an open access blog … Continue reading International Resources: Scholarship & Fellowship Opportunities